About SERV

SERV's History and Mission Statement 

SERV History:

In September, 2020, SERV became a program within the Points of Diversity (POD) organization. POD and SERV partnered with the shared goal of promoting equity and diversity in the Roanoke Valley. 

SERV began to form in the minds of its leaders after the senseless killing of Ahmaud Arbery in February of 2020. The subsequent killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd continued to fuel our passion. In the past, we had raised our voices, in various forms, to speak out against racism and privilege. We decried the treatment and killings of our Black neighbors and friends. Yet, we stood by with our voices and did not take further action. For that we are sorry.

SERV Mission:

As leaders in SERV, we strive to own our privilege and use it to disrupt racism in all its various forms. To do that we will:

-Educate others about a number of race related issues including privilege, implicit bias, stereotypes, microaggressions, systemic and historical racism, and racial trauma.

-Advocate locally and nationally alongside our Black Friends and organizations by walking in tandem with, or behind, our Black friends, not in front of them. 

-Remain apolitical, as racial justice can occur in any area of the political spectrum. 

- Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. We understand that discussions around race can be difficult and may cause many to feel defensive and vulnerable. We commit to continue educating ourselves and to having hard conversations.

- Understand that educating ourselves on topics related to DEIB takes all of us collectively. We acknowledge that the emotional burden of education shouldn’t fall on our friends of color alone. 

- Invite all cultures, races, and orientations to join us in raising our voices for equity and racial justice.

sERV Leadership Team 


Decca Knight (founder)

Taisha Steele 

Suzanne Alexandre

Ti-Kimena Coltrane

Lise Martin

Lauren Puckett

Kristin Tadlock Bell 

Anna Schnetzler

Elizabeth Larson 

Eddy Smart


Ashley Huff

Theresa Richardson

Marissa Mazek Blankinship

Lindsay Bane 

Ben Jones

Serv Knowledge

Several times a week, on SERV's social media pages, SERV shares graphics to help you learn more about various aspects of racism and information about local events.