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free Webinars, book studies, and community discussions 

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Contact SERV if your organization would like to contract to present a SERV training/webinar or lead a group discussion.  See below under "past topics" to learn more about what we offer. All proceeds from presentations help fund our equity and diversity work in the Roanoke Valley

Past topics

Systemic Inequities (voting, media, tech, healthcare)

13th Documentary Discussion

Implicit Bias

Becoming an Ally 

Systemic Racism

Disrupting Racism

Discussing Race with Children


Book Study: White Fragility 

Urban Renewal and Redlining in the Roanoke Valley 

Book Study: Stamped 

Community Discussions on Equity in Roanoke City - helping to form the Roanoke City Interwoven Equity Strategic Plan 

Book Study: Root Shock 


Critical Race Theory: Just the Facts - Panel of DEI and education experts 

Book Study: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome 

Community events

Past Events 

Root Shock Urban Renewal Panel: September 14, 2023

Jordan Bell & Gainsboro Revisted Panel on Urban Renewal: March 15th, 2023 

Community Cleanups of SERV's Adopted Street:  Continuing through 2022 and 2023

SERV and Joe Cobb: "Honoring Their Breaths": June 2, 2021 

Roanoke City's Diversity Advisory Council's 2021 "Our Diverse City" Conference: January 27, 2021

SERV was a Community Sponsor of Roanoke Community Beautification Day: 2020 and 2021

Gainsboro Tour with Jordan Bell: August 22, 2020